Our approach
to shipping options

WeRides provides three car shipping options to choose from - Terminal to Terminal, Terminal to Door and Door to Door.

Terminal to Terminal Car Shipping (WeLocations to WeLocations)

In choosing the WeLocations to WeLocations option, which is also known as Terminal to Terminal, your vehicle is loaded and unloaded at a prearranged loading zone that is convenient for you. WeRides provides you with the closest location in your city for dropping off your car(s) where your car(s) are safely parked to be loaded and unloaded on/from a carrier. Upon allocated scheduled drop off times, WeRides will also provide you up to $5 off on your Uber or taxi. It saves you or a friend from driving you to the location and helps in reducing gas emissions that may be incurred with two vehicles. All you need to do is email WeRides the cab invoice having the terminal location address on it, and we will credit it to you.

Door to Door Car Shipping

Door to door delivery means that the car carrier will get as close to your place of residence as physically possible without risking damage to your vehicle or the car carrier. If access to your residence is restricted by low bridges, narrow streets, tight turns, wires, branches/overhanging trees, or other reasons, then the WeRides driver will contact you to meet at a closer location for pick-up and delivery of your vehicle to the desired destination.

Terminal to Door Car Shipping

At our convenient WeLocations (Terminals), you can rest assured that your vehicle(s) is in the best of care. We also provide the option to drop-off your car at the closest WeLocation and then the vehicle is shipped to your door based upon the expected date of arrival. WeRides provides storage options if you are looking for more flexible options in terms of supporting your shipment plan. Call our shipment expert before you make a booking. Our auto carriers have the highest level of protection insurance to ease your mind for delivery. At WeRides, we pride ourselves in ensuring that our team of seasoned drivers work hard to provide you with an effortless car transport experience.

A Quick Comparison Between Open and Enclosed Car Transport

Convenience and budget are the key decision factors when choosing between terminal to terminal, terminal to door and door to door car transport services. Terminal to terminal transport is the basic version, which costs a minimum compared to the other two. Terminal to Door and Door to Door are premium services that you can avail of if time is a constraint. Rest assured that the booking process for all three remains the same except for a few additional details. For example, WeRides would require details of the person coming to pick-up the car if you opt for a terminal to terminal service. For Door to Door service, WeRides would need your availability to pick-up and drop-off the car from/to your location.

Terminal to
Terminal Process
Terminal to Door
Door to Door
Price Economy Premium Economy Business
Convenience Two-side travel from the customer’s end. Invest Time to drop-off and pick-up vehicle One-side travel from the customer’s end. Save time on one side No travel from the customer’s end. Save time on both sides
Storage 3 days free (From/To City). Post that $20 per day Not required Not required
Delivery On the day of arrival On the following day On the following day

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