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Through WeRides, you can choose to ship your car by an enclosed auto transport carrier and/or an open auto transport carrier. We choose to use trucking as a method of transportation as it is the fastest and most reliable solution for shipping automobiles across the country in terms of scheduled delivery times. Our customers can track their vehicle with a personalized Reference Number at any time, from anywhere. WeRides does not only provide a safe and reliable means of shipping your vehicle but also guarantee top-level service and peace of mind in terms of car delivery.

Enclosed Car Carrier

Enclosed carrier means the vehicles are transported inside a covered or enclosed truck. An enclosed car carrier is highly recommended for custom made, high value, classic and luxury car shipping.

Open Car Carrier

Open auto carriers are the most preferred and frequently used for shipping cars as it is very cost-effective and efficient when transporting across long distances. The vehicles moved with open car carriers are neatly strapped to the trailer.

A Quick Comparison Between Open and Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed Car Carrier
  • Used for Luxury, sports, classic, high-value custom made cars
  • Premium
  • Booked months in advance
  • Safe from weather conditions
  • 1 or 2 cars per trailer
  • Faster due to fewer stops
Open Car Carrier
  • Most common
  • Economical and preferred
  • Secure a spot on short notice
  • Exposed to weather conditions
  • 5+ cars per trailer
  • Relatively slower due to more stops

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