How WeRides ships cars?

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Ship your car in 3 steps

Shipping a vehicle with WeRides is as simple as ordering a pizza online. You can order to ship your car(s) in no more than 2 mins with our three-step booking process.


You can order to ship your car(s) in no more than 2 mins with our three-step booking process.


Once you’ve booked shipment, the next step would be to prepare your vehicle(s)


Lastly, use the Tracking Number given to you at the time of the booking to track the movement of your vehicle(s).

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Booking Shipment

You have probably read all about shipping a car before deciding to ship with us. If not, we request you to know about WeRides Shipping Options, WeRides Fleet and How to prepare your vehicle(s) for shipping.

Now, all you need to do is click on Ship My Car. Fill out your as well as car details to get an instant quote for car transport. Feel free to check out the deals if you’re flexible with the date of car delivery. Once we have your billing and payment confirmation, you will then be notified by the WeRides team within 24 hours (usually happens immediately), with a secured shipment date and drop-off location.

Personal and Car information

Billing & Payment


Preparing your car for shipment

Transporting your car(s) safely to your choice of destination is our utmost priority. Thus, we recommend you a few vital checks before we ship your car(s) such as:

  1. Your car must be in a driving condition to be loaded onto the carrier and shipped
  2. The gas tank should be at least 1/3 filled
  3. E-brake and foot brake should be functional
  4. Your car should be free from any personal item
  5. Ground clearance of 6 inches or more
  6. In the case of car modification, inform us before you book a shipment
  7. Keep a copy of the vehicle registration and insurance in your glove-box

Drop-off and Pick-up Notifications


As soon as you book shipment with us, you will be notified of the specific date and time of your drop-off.


48 hours prior to your delivery, you will receive a notification via email and SMS based upon your shipment date. 24 hours prior to your pick-up you will be notified with the specific time of your shipment. If you are in need of storage options, please contact us before booking to coordinate those arrangements.

A WeRides representative will be in contact to ensure that you have received the drop-off and pick-up details pertaining to your shipment. If you have not received these notifications, please give us a call on +1 (778) 244-8726.

Track your shipment

Once your vehicle(s) has been shipped, you can now track the shipment on our Track Shipment page. Notifications will be provided to members throughout the delivery process including any traffic and or weather delays. Please note a WeRides representative will meet you upon pick-up and delivery and a pre and post-inspection will be conducted to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

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