WeRides FAQs

Below are a list of our frequently asked questions!

  • WeRides is a logistics service provider for auto transport. We offer complete customer care, from booking support to providing on-site representatives who ensure your shipment needs are met. Our relationship with trusted and reliable carriers enables us to effectively provide flexible shipping options to our clients.

  • WeLocations are designated WeRides locations, which are also known as Terminal locations, for vehicle drop-off and pick-up, thus ensuring customer convenience and more personalized customer experience. At each location, a WeRides representative will be present to greet you.

  • Terminal to terminal (WeLocation to WeLocation) car shipping is the cheapest option of all. Here, you can drop-off/pick-up your vehicle at a prearranged location where your car(s) is safely loaded/unloaded on/from an auto carrier. You will be informed about the delivery details by the WeRides team 48 hours before the date of arrival for your convenience.

  • Your car gets picked up from your preferred location and dropped off at your doorstep. However, due to certain restrictions on the route to your location, we may call you to a nearby place; thereby, avoiding any possible damage to your car or the car carrier.

  • You can drop-off your vehicle at a Terminal location (WeLocation), and we can deliver it at your doorstep based on your date of arrival.

  • An enclosed car carrier is a closed truck that is primarily used for custom-built high-value, classic or luxury cars. Your car(s) is safe from any wear and tear caused by weather conditions. It means that your vehicle(s) is as clean as you left it. The only thing to keep in mind while booking is that enclosed car shipping is priced differently and is booked months in advance.

  • An open car carrier is an open truck that carries around 8-9 cars safely from one city to another. It is the most widely used way of shipping cars across the country and comes at a lower price than an enclosed car shipping.

  • A VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a series of letters and numbers that can be found on your insurance papers, vehicle registration, and on your vehicle. Newer vehicles have a 17 digit VIN but older models may have a shorter VIN. The VIN is not the same as a license plate number.

  • If your vehicle is modified from stock in any way such as with a lift, canopy, larger tires, please let us know when you book a shipment as it will impact the pricing.

  • WeRides transports: Compact vehicles, Cars, SUVs, Crossovers, Light and Heavy Duty Trucks, Cargo Vans, Minivans. We cannot ship vehicles over 7 feet tall. Please let us know if your vehicle is lifted or over-sized and we will reach out to our carrier and see how we can accommodate your request.

  • No, the cost to ship a vehicle differs with the type of vehicle, make, model and year, and to/from locations you choose.

  • We can ship cars to almost any city in Canada. However, below are the popular destinations which our customers make requests from: Vancouver | Kamloops | Kelowna | Saskatchewan | Calgary | Edmonton | Toronto | Thunder Bay Sudbury | Windsor | London | Regina | Ottawa | Montreal | Winnipeg